Welding Schools in Boston, Massachusetts

There has never been an ideal time than now for people to become welders in Boston than now. Over the last decade, the city has seen a lot of growth and demand for construction. One of the most important things to know about the construction demand in Boston is the fact that many older neighborhoods are going through revitalization. Another great opportunity for welders is that fact that there is a demand for these skills in many marine businesses. Getting the necessary training to become a welder is a good way to ensure steady employment on a longer-term basis. You will enjoy several benefits from making this choice.

zcity-boston-5Requirements & Eligibility

At a minimum, an applicant to a welding school must have a high school education. The necessary coursework may be available through a college or university that offers continuing education and career programs. Career training institutes will also offer an appropriate program. Although most students will qualify for some financial aid, schools offer flexibility options for payment. However, when financial aid is necessary, the process is easier when a prospective welder has already found out which options are available to them. Prior coursework that is related to welding may be accepted as credit.

List of Welding Programs in Boston, MA

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Application Process & Costs

A future welder will have several options for applying to the institution of their choice. Because most study options include a website, it is easy to fill out an application online that admissions staff will receive quite quickly. Although it isn’t necessary to talk to an enrollment advisor first, you might find this option helpful if you are unsure of anything. The exact costs vary, but the majority of welders in training will pay $1,000 to $2,000 for all of their required coursework. Some scholarships and other assistance options may also be offered.

Online Programs

Online classes make everything easier, especially for students who already have a busy job schedule. The coursework meets the standards of the American Welding Society or AWS. The basic welding processes that everyone in the industry needs to know are covered, as well as specialist methods applicable in certain industries. Students also have the option of studying advanced skills that are useful for many industries. When the coursework takes place online, there will be opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Regardless of whether the coursework takes place online or on a campus setting, students will feel confident in their abilities after completing it.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Certifications for welders come from the American Welding Society and must be renewed every six months. Documented welding work that meets the AWS’ criteria will help fulfill the requirements. Welders who intend to work as self-employed business owners will need to keep careful documentation to ensure that they keep their AWS certificates current at all times. Welders who will work in Massachusetts require a license as well. Before considering starting work as a welder in another state, it is important to find out special certification or licensing is required by the other state.

Salary & Job Prospects

Welders enjoy an average salary of around $35,000 with higher salaries possible for specialized positions. There are several industries that employ welders that have a lot of positions available at any given time. Fabricators and metal building installers are in high demand, especially in cities and towns that have seen a lot of growth. Construction booms in several areas of Massachusetts have also increased the need for pipefitters. Some of the highest-paying positions include working for technology companies with defense contracts and shipbuilding. These industries have been a major part of the Boston economy for decades and continue to promise great positions.