Welding Schools in Fresno, California

California is known as the land of opportunity, and what better place to begin your welding career than an area full of endless job openings? Welding has become a leading and innovative career choice for those looking to make a name for themselves in the manufacturing and construction industry. Welders are expected to possess skills that go beyond just the maintenance and repair of metals, but to also to have an impeccable attention to detail, strong manual dexterity, and the ability to think quickly on their feet. Becoming a certified welding technician may seem like an unobtainable goal at first, but rest assured that achieving this accomplishment is simple with the help from the many highly accredited welding programs in Fresno, CA.

zcity-fresno-16Requirements & Eligibility

Although the requirements vary amongst most programs, many welding schools require that students have received their high school diploma or GED. Some schools will accept students with a 10th grade level of education of higher, but students should keep in mind that the application pool for most programs is deep and having the proper documents needed to apply will ensure their acceptance into the program. Prospective applicants should also keep in mind that welding is a physically vigorous job and many institutions require students to be within a good physical condition.

List of Welding Programs in Fresno, CA

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Application Process & Costs

The application process for many welding schools is fairly simple. Many schools require that students meet with an admissions counselor and tour the campus prior to applying. By doing this, students know exactly what to expect, and the counselor can provide them with the information they need to transition into the program. Each institution offers different welding courses, so students should research and know exactly which certification they want to apply for as some programs have varying admissions requirements. Generally, students are required to take an admissions assessment to determine their academic standing before acceptance.

In addition, depending on the college and whether it is a public or private program, the average annual cost to attend a welding certification program in Fresno, CA is approximately $12,648 including off-campus housing. Students do have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and financial aid to help balance the costs of tuition.

Online Programs

With previous welding experience, students can obtain certification through online courses depending on the university or institution. Usually, these are courses set in place for students to obtain specific license or qualifications that can go along with their degree. These classes are generally safety & inspection classes, certification courses, and the history of welding.

Manufacturing Certification/ License & Renewal

Many welding programs set students up with the essential qualifications needed for a successful transition into a welding career. These qualifications include administering and performing an AWS certification test, and many colleges have already established their campus as an official AWS testing facility. Students should identify which industry or trade they will be apply to and schedule testing that appropriately meets the requirements of that field as each test qualifies welders for different certifications. After achieving certification, students are highly advised to register with AWS as a certified welding technician to guarantee future employment.
Furthermore, employers require welders to keep an updated license in order remain eligible for employment. License renewal varies depending on the company or contractor, but all information can be located through the California Department of Labor. Typically, the state will notify the holder when their expiration date is approaching and ask that they renew their license to prevent losing their certification and to prevent their employer from having to pay any unnecessary fines.

Salary & Job Prospects

There is a vast amount of job openings within the Fresno, CA area, and employment continues to expand as many companies are expanding their business through manufacturing and machine repairs. The average annual salary for an entry-level welding starts at $ 34,870, but can increase depending on experience and education. Overall, the welding industry offers excellent earning potential as employees gain more experience and qualifications.