Welding Schools in Houston, Texas

We are all looking for ways to expand our potential. Whether you have great manual dexterity, a thorough knowledge of various welding techniques, or just a desire to be part of the manufacturing of much-needed products, welding school in Houston, TX may be the right fit for you. Here, you can expand on your skills and gain the training necessary to apply them across a variety of fields.

welding schools guide image1Requirements & Eligibility

In order to start your career, you must first ensure you have satisfied any possible prerequisites. For example, most schools require a high school diploma. If you are still in high school, take this time to take as many classes in math and science as possible. As a welder, you will have to be well versed in:

  • Making calculations
  • Preparing estimates
  • Modifying various materials
  • Working with chemicals and fuels

Having a solid grasp on these areas can give you an advantage when it comes to acceptance into training programs. Check with the Houston, TX program you plan to attend as they may have further eligibility requirements such as special licensing or certification.

List of Welding Programs in Houston, TX

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UEI College (Formally Anthem College – Bryman School) is for individuals who seek to achieve more with their lives through education and training. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, it is never too late to set new goals for yourself.


  • HVAC - DIP
Locations:  Houston

Application Process and Costs

Once you have narrowed down your program options, its time to begin the application process. Be prepared to pay a fee for administrative costs. Most schools make the application itself a simple process. You can usually do them online, and you simply fill out personal information for them to consider.

Once accepted, you will also have to consider how you plan to pay for your education. Average training costs at technical schools and colleges are $5,000-$15,000. While this may seem overwhelming, there are opportunities for help. You can apply for financial aid, and the government can even step in and provide loans and grants to help you obtain the education that will help you live a more successful life.

Online Programs

Since the advent of the Internet, it seems as though we can do just about anything from the comfort of our home or office, and welding training is no exception. There are a number of online programs now made conveniently available. Here, you will have direct access to an experienced instructor and are free to ask questions and even watch demonstrations. Through video conferencing technology, you can even take part in live seminars with your peers as you delve into the many intricacies of welding.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Let’s face it. Technology is expanding at an exponential rate. It would be irrational to think that all you’ll need to know when you finish your training will be obtained as you make your way through the program. Once you get into the industry, it will be necessary for you to maintain your certification and keep up-to-date with your license renewal.

There are different requirements depending on the specific area you get into. For example, if you choose to go into oil refinery work, you will need to comply with CW certification re-testing requirements.

Salary & Job Prospects

The investment you make into welding training is one that can easily pay back. The average salary of a Welder I is approximately $36,447. The additional skills you will pick up along the way also open the possibility of opening other doors such as the chance to open your own business or acquire additional licensing to get you into bigger and better projects. Best of all, the industry is growing, and, in ten years, job prospects in the area of welding are expected to increase by six percent.

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