Welding Schools in Kansas City, Missouri

The pursuit of an education in welding can be achieved in many cities, but Kansas City, Missouri is unique. The city offers prospective students highly rated colleges to choose from and students can live in and explore a dynamic region in the heart of America while they complete their coursework. Vatterott College and Metropolitan Community College offer comprehensive welding programs and certifications, and the Ironworkers/AWS National Welding Certification Program is available to students to pursue their continuing education and licensing, as well as provide a support system for the welding community.

zcity-kansas-city-19Requirements and Eligibility

Vatterott College, located in North Kansas City, has a long history of providing quality training in a variety of trades, specifically offering an Associate degree in Combination Welding Technology. Anyone possessing a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent is eligible for enrollment in the course. Prospective students must also be at least 18 years old or have the written permission of a parent or guardian to begin taking courses. The Combination Welding Technology Associates degree does not have any course specific enrollment criteria or prerequisites.
Metropolitan Community College, with campuses in numerous locations throughout Kansas City, MO, has a policy of accepting all students who apply for admission. A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred, but students will may also be accepted on a special case basis if they are over 18 without a degree or if they are under 18 and have not yet graduated high school. The college offers a basic welding degree along with three specialized certification programs. The certificate programs are in addition to the welding program or for a student who already possesses a degree in welding and wishes to continue their training.

List of Welding Programs in Kansas City, MO

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Application Process and Costs

Applying to study at Vatterott College is straightforward, with basic requirements including an application for admission, enrollment agreement, proof of high school degree or equivalent, financial aid forms, a reference sheet, payment of the registration fee, and a personal interview with the college admissions. Tuition and fees for the welding program at Vatterott College total $41,878.

MCC has a quicker application process, and prospective students simply fill out an online application, provide transcripts, request any necessary financial aid, and are tested and advised by the college. Costs of attendance include tuition, variable by the student’s residence, and small student activity fees, technology fees, and a general fee once a semester. The average cost of tuition and fees for one year in the program is $3,840.

Online Programs

The welding programs at both Vatterott College and Metropolitan Community College require hands on training and are not available as online programs. Certification programs are available online through the Ironworkers.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

The Ironworkers National Certification Program operates a testing facility in Kansas City, MO. Members of the Ironworkers are able to get their initial certification as well as any subsequent re-certifications online. Licensing for members is fully funded and Ironworkers members have no out-of-pocket costs.
MCC also provides re-certification through its continuing education programs in addition to preparing students for their initial certification.

Salary & Job Prospects

Based on statistics from job search website Indeed, the average salary of a welder in Kansas City, MO, as of October 2015, is $37,000. Additional certifications, training, experience, and welding specialties can offer a higher salary level.

Kansas City, MO and the local area have a high demand for certified welders. A single job search results in over 200 openings requesting an immediate fill. Many of the jobs require additional training, some of which is available as on-the-job training following hiring.