Welding Schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For many students, finding a job after college can be a stressful and difficult adventure especially if they have acquired a broad degree that can be applied to many different fields and markets. That’s why many people are advising prospective students to consider trade schools such as welding.

A welding degree offers a number of opportunities with its dynamic work environment and increasing earning potential making it much easier for students to find work right outside their program. Many institutions offer placement programs and guidance for students looking to excel within this field. A welding certification is applicable in many different industries ranging from the oil and gas industry to the manufacturing industry.
That is why your next step toward a successful career in welding beginning with enrolling in one of the many accredited welding education programs that Milwaukee, WI has to offer. By obtaining a degree in welding, you will have the ability to work in a hands-on environment with professional engineers developing some of today’s most innovative products and infrastructures.

zcity-milwaukee-27Requirements & Eligibility

Most degrees require a long list of requirements before being able to enter their programs, but the great thing about a welding degree is that the stipulations are simple. Students must be of the age of 18 to attend the program. Although, some schools allow younger students, parental consent is necessary before being eligible to apply. Also, students should be aware that welding is often a physically strenuous job that requires technicians to be able to stand on their feet for long periods of time, carry large or heavy objects, and handle dangerous equipment. Students are advised to be within good health and physical condition prior to considering applying to the program. Also, some welding educational institutions require that students pass an eye exam before participating in the program.

List of Welding Programs in Milwaukee, WI

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Application Process & Costs

Since the welding industry is diverse with many different job opportunities, many schools ask that students meet with an admissions counselor before applying. This way, the admissions counselor can help guide the student into which program will effectively meet their needs. Also, students are required to have received their high school diploma or GED before entering the program.

The admissions counselor will also discuss tuition costs and scholarship eligibility with your upon your meeting. Tuition can vary from institution, and there are many factors that determine the price of the program, but luckily Milwaukee, WI welding degrees are reasonably prices compared to other campuses and locations. The average annual tuition for a welding certification in Milwaukee, WI is approximately $5,300.

Online Programs

There are many different welding courses offered online, but the majority cover topics such as, the business of welding, inspection & safety, and the study of different product materials. Many of the core courses offered for welding education are through hands-on laboratories to ensure students are learning the proper skills necessary to be successful in the welding industry.

Maintaining Certification/ License & Renewal

Once students have successfully completed the program they are then required to take an AWS certification assessment at an official testing facility. Many campuses are already accredited facilities and are authorized to administer these types of tests. It is crucial that each student knows exactly what field or industry they plan on pursuing as each assessment is customized for different types of welding positions. Usually, welding colleges will place students in a placement program to guarantee employment after graduation.

All information obtaining to the renewal of a welding license can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Labor. It is the employers responsibility to make sure that each technician has a valid license prior to and during employment.

Salary & Job Prospects

Considering the vast amount of job opportunities within the welding industry, finding a job right outside of school isn’t much of a challenge. It has been reported that the skills and industries known to have the highest pay increase in Milwaukee, WI are Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Manufacturing Fabrication, Fixed Core Arc Welding (FCAW), and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). Salary reports have also shown that the average annual salary for entry-level welders is $34,366.