Welding Schools in New York City, New York

Welding has been a great profession for many years now. It is a learned skill that many Americans have benefited from. In New York City, welding can be a reliable way to earn an honest living. There are plenty of welding schools throughout the country, but in New York there are some of the finest. Become a welder at New York city College of Technology. Schools such as Iron Workers Union, Micheal Daniel Metal Design, Apex Technical Institute, and others. There are schools and online programs out there to help you get started with a new and exciting career in welding. It is a fun, interesting and enjoyable career that allows you to showcase your skills as a professional.

zcity-new-york-city-30Requirements and Eligibility

Before becoming a welder, there are some requirements that have to be met. New York City welders you must be at least eighteen years of age to perform the necessary duties. The ability to speak and comprehend the English language is also a necessity when studying to become a welder in New York City. If you meet these requirements, you are on the path to jump starting your new career. Once you have made up in your mind that you want to begin your career in welding, you must pass one of two exams offered. The first is the American Welding Society Exam. The second is the New York State Department of Transportation. Either of these exams will provide you with the certification needed to become a licensed welder.

List of Welding Programs in New York City, NY

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Application and Process Cost

Once you have obtained the proper certification, the next step is to schedule an appointment to submit your information for a background investigation. The fee is around three hundred dollars for the background investigation. If the department decides that you meet all the requirements to become a welder they will send you a letter in the mail. Once you have received that letter you have one calendar year from the date of the letter to obtain your license. It is paramount that once you receive that letter, you begin the process of applying for your license. The process could take a little time due to the fact that they may need more information from you.

Online Programs

Many local schools in New York City offer online training programs to assist you in becoming a welder. One thing to be aware of when searching for an online training program for welders is that some of those classes serve as continuing education classes rather than part of your certification or degree. The American Welding Soceity offers an oline program that is available in English and Spanish. It helps student prepare for the fundamentals of welding. The program is interactive and self paced and covers topics such as joining, cutting, safety, inspection, metallurgy, and more. Even though programs like these can be very beneficial to your welding career, you will need hands on experience to really enhance your welding skills.

Salary and Job Prospects

The salary for a welder in New York City can range from about $25,000-$45,000 based on year of experience and skill level. If you are looking to get rich then this may not be the profession for you. If you want something fun and challenging then this is the right job for you.

License and Renewal

When you become a licensed welder, you have to remain a licensed welder. You will never lose the skills of a welder, but you can lose your certification. There are renewal fees that come along with maintaining your welding license. The renewal fee is around fifty dollars and the license is usually good for about three years.

In conclusion, do your research and find a good welding school to attend. New York City College of Technology is a well known welding school in the area. There are other schools in the area that provide the same services, but getting involved in the profession can be very rewarding.