Welding Schools in Tucson, Arizona

If you want to attain a “certified welder” title in Tucson Arizona, you will need to enroll in approved welding training schools. You will need to invest your energy, time and money to study your preferred welding specialty. There are several welding colleges and universities in Tucson, AZ that you can enroll to study your preferred program online.

zcity-tucson-44Requirements & Eligibility

You must have completed at least tenth grade to be considered for admission. However, most welding institutions prefer applicants with at least high school diploma or GED. Recent surveys show that many people in Tucson Arizona want to study welding courses. This has made many institutions tighten grip on admission requirements and eligibility. You should, therefore, first try to get this prerequisite, to increase your chances of admission.

List of Welding Programs in Tucson, AZ

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In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma.*
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Application Process & Costs

Before you begin the admission application process, make sure your selected welding institution in Tucson, AZ is offering your preferred welding program or you end up with basic welding education without marketable skills. If the school is teaching a preferred program, you can then proceed with the application. You will find the application process easier than you thought. Many institutions require prospectus students to apply for admission online, by mail or in person. When using the online system, applicants need to send supporting documents (copy of transcripts, Identity Card and financial forms) through the mail.

The application process for International applicants is typically the same as that of the American citizens. However, some welding institutions request them to submit extra documentation such as bank statement or documents showing proof of financial evidence. Upon acceptance, you will be issued with admission letter and Form I-20 form, to help you process a student Visa.

Online Programs

If you want to get welding knowledge but you find that you are always committed to your daily endeavors, you can enroll in a welding class online. There are several institutions in Tucson Arizona that teach approved welding course online. These institutions are colleges and vocational polytechnics. They allow you to study a welding course between 2 months to 10 months. Once you graduate with an online welding certificate or degree, you can proceed to apply for a welding apprenticeship that will assist you gain hands-on experience in the welding industry. The period you will take to complete a welding apprenticeship ranges from six months to two years. Keep in mind that apprenticeship is not a starting point but just continued education.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Once you have successful completed your apprenticeship, it time you consider obtaining certification. There are several organizations in the United States where you can complete your welding certification tests. One of the leading organizations is the American Welding Society (AWS). They offer simple Certified Welder test and advanced Certified Welding Inspector test. If you have any of the above certification, you can apply for any job in the welding industry.

Salary & Job Prospects

If you have several years or experience or a certified welder, you can expect a salary that is higher than that of non certified welders. According to the data posted by Indeed.com, non certified welders in Arizona earned around $36,000 a year in 2010. For certified welders, their salaries increased slightly by $5,000.

If you are reading this article, you may have concluded that becoming a certified welder is very difficult. This is not the case if you are ready to follow this guideline. Otherwise, everything in life that is worth requires one to work hard. You will need to quickly make up your mind today and apply to one of the approved welding institutions in Tucson AZ.