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Welding is a profession that is consistently in demand in the industrial world. If you’re looking for a way to get started in your welding career and enter a field in which finding a job is a relatively easy process, look no further than welding schools and programs in Vermont. Vermont is a state where you’ll be able to lay the foundation of your education in the field at high quality programs with ease – take a look at all it has to offer!

vermont-45Requirements & Eligibility

Welding programs typically require only a high school diploma or its equivalent to begin. This helps keep your education costs down and lets you enter the workforce and start earning money for you and your family as quickly as possible, ensuring that you get the best chance available to start your career.

List of Welding Programs in Vermont

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Application Process & Costs

Application and tuition costs vary from program to program, much as the application process itself varies. Get in touch with the specific programs you’re looking at to learn more – the program directors at Stafford Technical Center and Green Mountain Technology and Career Center, for example, will be happy to help you figure out the best way to apply and pay your tuition costs.

Online Programs

Welding is a very hands-on profession, so it isn’t one particularly suited for online programs. If you’re looking for an associate’s degree or your college requires some general education classes, you may be able to complete those requirements with online courses; as for your welding experience, however, you should be counting on spending all of your time in a brick and mortar classroom and the shop.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Vermont’s programs tend toward the basics of welding education – the pipe welding, blueprint reading, and welding certification programs at the Advanced Welding Institute are a good example of typical Vermont offerings. This makes Vermont an excellent place to start your training in welding or to obtain your certification if you’ve already finished the training aspect. In general, the more varied and up to date your experience is, the more marketable you are as a professional, and that is particularly true in the welding field. Seeking out your first education or updating your previous education in Vermont is a wise choice for those interested in welding.

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Salary & Job Prospects

In 2012, the median salary for welders was $36,300 per year, making the profession an ideal one for those looking to enter the workforce and be able to provide for themselves and their families. Welding program graduates tend to have relatively little difficulty finding work after completing their programs, especially if they have particular specializations or certifications, or if they’re willing to move to join a company. Welding makes up one of the backbone components of modern industry and is, therefore, a wise choice for those looking for relatively stable work, despite whatever changes in demand take place in the economy as a whole. Again, the more varied your skills and experience, the more marketable you’ll be – take a look at the field to learn more!

Vermont is an excellent place to start or refresh your welding education, leaving you in a very good position to be hired once you’ve completed your tests and certifications. Compare the different programs around you and see which one might be best for you – you’ll likely find that talking with their admissions departments or program directors helps you determine which location would be the best for you. Do your research and you’ll be very happy with the quality and practicality of a Vermont welding education.

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Advanced Welding InstituteSouth Burlington(802) 660-06002 Green Tree Dr # 3, South Burlington, VT 05403http://awi.edu/