Best Welding Helmet with Respirator | 7 PAPR Welding Helmets

Are you looking for a welding helmet that allows you to work in hot weather? Are you tired of fogging, humidity, and heat while doing a welding job? Do you want a welding helmet with a respirator that keeps you away from all these issues and inconveniences? Then you have landed on the right page.

Wearing a top-quality welding helmet is compulsory for welder because, during the welding application, harmful rays, smoke, and fumes continuously emit throughout the process that could harm you beyond your level of thinking. Health and safety is a no-compromise on any coast.

Today, we have come up with seven best welding helmet with a respirator that allows you to work for long hours without feeling any uneasiness i.e. heat, humidity. We are aware of all of your issues that are why we have selected these helmets with a respirator for you available in the market. To make things more easier for you, let’s jump into the detail specifications of the welding helmets that could be your best pick;

Adflo Best Welding Helmet with Respirator (Top Pick)

3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator He System W 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100-Air

3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator He System W 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100-Air

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3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100-FX-Air with Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator High Efficiency System is our top pick for you because of its amazing features, comfortable design and bunch of other setting options. Adflo 9100 is one of the best welding helmets with the respirator.

Among all 3M speedglas 9100 series, Adflo is the top pick of all welding lovers. It has an auto-darkening feature with 2-3 seconds of shifting time.

Besides that,  It also has dark shade 5, 8, 9 through 13 and light shade 3. The adjustable setting accessibility allows full control over delay and sensitivity settings. You can adjust the shifting time manually as per the welding requirement.

Furthermore, 2.8 inches high x 4.2 inches wide viewing area gives maximum vision with minimal obstruction, and it the largest viewing area in 9100 welding helmet series. The improved vision technology reduces the green color tint to a maximum extent and gives a clearer view of the welding puddle.

Not only this, but the key feature of this helmet is also its comfortable design with a respirator. The convenient design reduces the chances of neck stain due to helmet nodding. The adjusted respirator releases the exhaled air quickly and prevents fogging, humidity, and heat.

External control allows you to adjust and switching between settings with gloves on. You don’t have to remove gloves or helmet over and over again, hence improves productivity and save time. The grinding and welding modes make it more versatile.

Moreover, the auto-off feature saves time and energy. The three ac sensors detect the arc once it is strikes and the auto- filter shifts the shade according to the intensity.

When you are not using it for welding application, after a specific period of time it returns to light shade 3 and automatically off.  The battery takes approximately 3 hour of 80% charge. The lithium-ions batteries are replaceable and accessible and life is approximately 2000 hours.

  • Largest viewing area among 9100 series
  • Quick charging
  • Easily replaceable and accessible batteries
  • Quick shifting timing
  • Auto-off feature
  • Adjusted respirator to reduce humidity, fog and heat
  • Easy switching with gloves on
  • Three arc sensors


Does it meet all safety standards? And how much this helmet weighs?
Yes, it meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 impact standard and it weighs 10.87 pounds.
How it is the air filter it provides a strong and constant air?
The adflo powered air respirator provides a constant air flow of 205 liters per minute, regardless of everything, i.e. battery charging. The constant flow of air reduces the humidity, prevents fogging and heat that enhances the comfort of the welder.

Generic Welding Helmet with Respirator

Jackson Safety W10 HLX Passive Welding Helmet (20508), Ultra-Lightweight, Heavy Metal Graphic

Powered Air Purifying Respirator Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Personal Protective Equipment, Industry Welding Mask PAPR Kit

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TywelMaster 9B welding helmet is in our list because of a reason. If you’re looking for a welding helmet that stands up to the mark in hot weather conditions, it can be a good pick for you.

The adjusted powered Air-purifying Respirator makes it best for heavy industrial welding applications and works in every situation. The wide viewing area of 100*65 mm provides maximum view without any obstruction and 1/1/1/1 optical rating maintains the optical view for torch placement and weld control.

The wide variable shade range of DIN 4-8, 9-13, and light shade DIN 3 with maximum adjustability control provides ease for the welder and that’s why it’s the best pick for professional welding work.

The PARA kit reduces the humidity, fogging, and allows the exhaled air to get out of the helmet and thus maintain the inner temperature. So, you can work without having any trouble in hot weather conditions.

With a bunch of features, it is extremely lightweight, weighs only 1.1 pounds. This means that you won’t feel any fatigue and stain due to long hours working.

Furthermore, the design of the helmet provides full overhead protection, increases quality and function.

This helmet does not only come up with a helmet only, it also includes additional glass filters and universal adaptors of 100-240V. So you can pick one according to your need.

To increase the helmet life, it is powered with solar and battery. The average battery life is up to 2 years.

What else could you need in such an amazing price?

  • lightweight helmet
  • Respirators to control heat, fogging and provides easy respiration
  • Wide variable shade range and lightest shade 3
  • Full adjustability controls
  • Additional protection lens, magnifying lens, PARA filters and much more
  • 2 years average battery life
  • Powered with solar feature
  • No cons found yet


Could i put the PARA on a different helmet?
We won’t recommend doing that. Because the respirators are completely adjusted and if you want to use it on another helmet, you will have to disassemble it, which is not easy at all.
Does it fit over a hard helmet?
No, the inside of the helmet is filled with respirators. If you want a respirator over a hard hat, we will recommend you looking for a smaller helmet.

3M Best PAPR Welding Helmet

3M 36-1101-20SW Adflo Belt-Mounted Universal Lithium Ion High Efficiency PAPR System with Speedglas 9100 FX-Air Welding Helmet

3M 36-1101-20SW Adflo Belt-Mounted Universal Lithium Ion High Efficiency PAPR System with Speedglas 9100 FX-Air Welding Helmet

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3M 36-1101-20SW with a PAPR system welding helmet is one of the best helmets available in the market right now. Even though this helmet is a bit expensive but it worth every penny that you spend on this item.

3M welding helmet has a large viewing area that allows you a comfortable look of what are you working on. The built-in respirator keeps the inner temperature of the helmet maintained and peaceful for your long hour working. It exhaled air removes out of the helmet quickly so that it doesn’t cause any heat, fogging, etc, while working, and thus, you don’t have to remove the helmet from time to time.

The material of the helmet is durable and worth every penny. It operates on a lithium-ion battery that allows you to work up to 12 hours straight and required charging after that.

3M PAPR welding helmet is lightweight. So, you can wear it for a long time period and won’t feel discomfort, fatigue, the tension on the neck and upper shoulder area. The leather belt keeps the helmet in place and allows you to adjust it according to your requirement.

Besides that, it has auto-dimming filters, light, and dark filter shades that protect your eyes from all hazardous UV and IR. The sensors switch the filters in a couple of seconds once the arc is detected. And once the job is done, it shifts back to its original light state.

Moreover, it has a grind and welding mood like all the helmets on our list. Because grind mode is suitable for low amperage welding applications and it makes the helmet more versatile. When this feature combines with the auto-dimming feature, it makes the welder’s job way easier.

3M welding helmet is suitable for the stick, TIG, and MIG. It has a variable shade range that is perfect for multiple welding applications. Furthermore, you have full access to delay and sensitivity controls.

This means that you can change the settings according to the work that you are about to do. The high efficient filter can be attached to a cartridge that protects your eyes and face from all unwanted fumes.

The design of the helmet is compact that can be worn in tight spaces and it fits with a snug on your head.

Not only this, but it has also passed all the international safety tests that make it safer and reliable to use.

The key feature of 3M 36-1101-20SW is the in-built respirator that works efficiently against all the smoke, fumes, and particles.  This ensures that you only breathe fresh and filtered air.  The respirator fitted it 3M speed glass helmet is considered one of the best respirators that you could find in the market right now.

  • Large viewing area
  • Best in-built respirator
  • Compact design
  • Versatile
  • Long battery life
  • Durable material
  • Auto diming feature
  • Lightweight weighs only one pound
  • A bit expensive


What is the size of the viewing area of this helmet? And how much light to dark filter it has?
The viewing area of 3M speedglas is 2.1’’ x 4.2” inches and it has 5, 8-13 filters shade range.
Is it safe to use?
Yes, it meets all the international safety standards. Moreover, the 3M Adflo cartridge offers extra protection from OV/SD/CL/HC vapors.

Adflo Papr Welding Helmet (Editor’s Choice)

3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator HE System with 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet

3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator HE System with 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet

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3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator HE System with 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet is a real game changer. The built-in respirator not only feels you in fresh air but also in cold air.

Now wearing this helmet, you don’t have to worry about fogging, humidity and heat anymore. You can work for hours and will still feel fresh.

The easy flip front increases productivity. You can see the weld piece without removing the helmet and even make adjustments in settings according to your per need without taking it off. Isn’t it amazing?

It enhances productivity and also keeps you safe from the hassle of removing the helmet quite often while welding application.

Flip front sheet and large viewing area allows a wide, clear vision while grinding and setup. You can use it for multiple tasks. Not only this, but the design of the helmet also assures you the maximum comfort and security.

The protective visor is specially designed for you to use during the grinding mode.  It is a light weight helmet with adjustable head suspension for a comfortable fit on your head.

1 lithium-ion battery is required to operate this helmet. It takes only a few hours to get fully charged and you are ready to go for another welding mission.  Not only this, the battery is also easily replaceable.

Adflo welding helmets come with a fully assemble respirator. Usually, when you buy a welding helmet with a respirator, it comes up with a user manual for guidance.

The auto-darkening feature keeps you safe from all harmful radiations and it has also passed all the international health and safety tests.  So, this helmet could be the best pick for you. Even if you are a professional that uses welding helmet on a daily basis or looking for a welding helmet for residential use.

  • Lightweight
  • Fully equipped with ADFLO respirators
  • ergonomic, adjustable head suspension
  • easy flip front shield
  • external grinding and welding mode setting button
  • auto-darkening feature
  • quick charge one lithium-ion battery
  • no cons found yet


Does it come with a battery charger?
Yes, it comes with a battery charger. The most amazing thing is that the battery is also easily replaceable and it takes a few hours to get maximum charged. You don’t have to leave the helmet overnight on charging. A couple of hours are sufficient to charge the battery.
Will this work with a hardhat? Does it come with a bag or case?
No, it does not work with a hard hat. You will have to buy a different Mi model that works with a hard hat. And this item does come with a bag that has 3 pockets and 2 zippers on each side. The size of the helmet is enough to put everything in and it also has two different styles of straps or handles.

Allergo Welding Helmets

Allegro Industries 9903-CW SAR Shield and Welding Helmet with High Pressure Personal Cooler (Hansen Fitting), Standard

Allegro Industries 9903-CW SAR Shield and Welding Helmet with High Pressure Personal Cooler (Hansen Fitting), Standard

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If you are looking for a welding helmet that also works as an open shield protector during high-pressure welding, then Allergo Industries 9903-CW SAR Shield welding helmet is the best option for you.

The standard viewing area allows a pretty clear vision of your project. It is made up of sturdy material. This means that you don’t have to worry about your safety under high-pressure welding. Not only this, but the front lens shield is also made up of high impact polyamide material which meets all the safety standards.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade filters with the passage of time as per requirement, it also allows you to do that. You don’t have to buy a new helmet. You can just switch the previous filters with a new one.

The Allergo welding helmet with high pressure personal cooler weighs 3 pounds, which is lighter than fiberglass and it is designed in a way that you won’t feel fatigued, pain, stretchy muscles while working for long hours. The ratchet headband allows you to completely adjust it on your head, so it will not fall during working or feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the Allergo welding helmet is made up of aluminum and some parts of stainless steel that make it more durable. For more protection, it covers your full head, face and ears.

  • made up of sturdy and durable material
  • full head, face and ear coverage for maximum protection
  • easily replaceable filters
  • meets all international health and safety standards
  • ratchet headband assembly for maximum fit
  • suitable for high-pressure welding
  • comparatively a bit heavy, may cause stain on the neck


Is Allergo 9903-CW welding helmet durable?
Yes, Allergo Industries 9903-CW SAR Shield welding helmet is durable and safe to use. The helmet is made up of sturdy material, some parts are of stainless steel, and the belt is made up of nylon. Because it is molded from tough thermoplastic, it is lighter than fiberglass.
What are the dimensions and weight of this helmet? Is it safe to use?
This item has 6.0 inches height, 8.0 inches length, 14.0 inches width. The item weighs 3 pounds and the shipping weight is 6.5 pounds. It has met all the international safety and security test. Thus it is completely safe to use.

ArcOne SR500 Helmet with PAPR Kit

ArcOne SR500 Respirator PAPR Kit with Hard Hat Grinding Visor and Welding Face Shield

ArcOne SR500 Respirator PAPR Kit with Hard Hat Grinding Visor and Welding Face Shield

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Are you searching for a helmet that can bear high welding temperature and yet feel equally comfortable? ArcOne SR500 helmet is the right one for you.

ArcOne welding helmet comes up with an inbuilt high-efficiency respirator that filters the air you breathe prevents heat and humidity. It also filters all the fumes and removes all exhaled air out of the helmet to prevent fogging.

ArcOne SR500 welding helmet with an inbuilt respirator is light in weight and design is also very comfortable. You can wear it for long working hours and don’t feel any pain or discomfort on your neck, head, or shoulders. The design of the helmet covers your head and face while the welding process.

This welding helmet also has a grinding mode that is perfect for low amperage welding.

The Digital filters with a standard viewing area of 7.25” enhances the vision and the front flip-down visor allows you to have a look at what you are working on clearly without removing the helmet again and again.

ArcOne SR500 welding helmet is equipped with a PAPR system that includes PUR hose, a hard hat that has a grinding visor with flip-down welding visor. It meets all the international safety standards and tests include eye protection and ANSI type 1 class G head protection. Your safety is the top priority of ArcOne Company.

Like other helmets in our list, ArcOne welding helmet gives you access to 8 sensitivity and delay settings. Moreover, it has 9-13 dark shades and light shade 4. It also has two sensors that detect the arc and work accordingly.

  • Respirator Blocks all harmful particles, gases and vapors
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eight delay and sensitivity settings
  • Comes up with a loose fitting hard hat and PUR hose
  • Meets all international eye protection and other safety tests
  • Only 2 sensors


Does it come with a bag or helmet only? Is it suitable for residential use?
It comes with a handy duffle bag for storage and easy transportation. This helmet is best for you, whether you’re a professional welder or hobbyist.
What is the power source? Can it be used for grinding?
It is powered with a battery that is easily rechargeable. And yes, it has a grind mode and is suitable for TIG, MIG and MMA.

Jackson Papr Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety Airmax Elite PAPR with BH3 Air Head Top (40839), Powered Air Purifying Respirator, Welding Gear, Storage Bag

Jackson Safety Airmax Elite PAPR with BH3 Air Head Top (40839), Powered Air Purifying Respirator, Welding Gear, Storage Bag

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Jackson PAPR helmet is the best choice for those who are looking for a welding helmet that withstands dangerous fume and smoke while welding.

The Jackson Saftey Airmax Elite PAPR helmet has a flame retardant face seal that protects your face from all harmful fumes, sparks, and rays.  You don’t have to worry about all hazardous rays and spitters that can cause you harm while working.

The infit NOSH HE Filter ensures that you only breathe clean and filtered air. The three layers filters enhance the protection from any remaining high radiation rays, contaminated fume or sparks, etc.

The design of the Jackson Airmax Elite welding helmet fully covers not only your face but also your neck and upper shoulders.

Like most of the welding helmets, Jackson PAPR helmet also has an auto-darkening feature. It takes a few seconds to shift light to dark filters and once the welding job is done, after a specific period, it returns to its original light state again and thus protects the eyes.

Furthermore, this welding helmet is more versatile in use. It is suitable for cutting, grinding, etc. If you are a professional welder or a newbie, this helmet is one of the best picks for you.

Because safety is the main priority for everyone and it doesn’t even matter what kind of job you’re doing. If you’re welder, you can work for long hours in a heated environment without feeling exhaustion or discomfort wearing this helmet with a respirator.

As far as optical clarity s concerned, it is outstanding and has a rating of 1/1/1/1.

Apart from that, you have access to control with a single button. It is powered with a lithium-ion battery that takes up to 8 hours for charging. The specifications don’t end here, the smart battery charger also indicates when the battery is fully charged and save from overcharging.

This means that you don’t have to worry if you incidentally forget it on charging because it won’t be overcharged. This gives you relief from all the stories associated with electronic gadgets that have a lithium-ion battery.

  • Extra large 3.78*2.70 inches viewing area
  • Rechargeable batteries with up to 8 hours charging time
  • 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating
  • Audible and vibrating alarm when charging or filter shift is needed
  • Relief from overcharging tension
  • Hood with a flame retardant face seal for maximum protection
  • Protects you from harmful fumes, smoke, Sparks, spitters, UV and IR rays
  • Three layer filters provide filtration from particulate containment.
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • No cons found yet


How much this helmet weighs?
The weight of the helmet is 8.90 pounds.
Does it have a speed blower?
Yes, it has dual speed blower that maintains constant flow regardless of battery level at the rate of 160 lpm and 210 lpm

Final verdict

A good welding helmet is with proper ventilation is necessary for welder, no matter if you are in welding job 24/7 or do it occasionally because there is no compromise of health. A minimal amount of negligence can cause irreparable damages. That’s why welding helmets with the proper respiratory system have been designed especially for your safety.

All the above-mentioned welding helmets are the best welding helmets with built-in respirators available in the market right now. So, list down your specific requirements that you need in a welding helmet and select the one that works best for you. Saving a couple of bucks is not important to your health.

So when it comes to your safety, do not compromise on specifications even you have to spend a couple of bucks more, and sometimes you get all the required specifications in an affordable price. That’s why you should make sure what are you looking for in a product and don’t forget to try on the welding helmet first before investing money on it.

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