Cheap Welding Helmet| 10 Best Welding Helmets under 100$ (2021)

Are you looking for a budget-friendly but all latest featured welding helmets?  You are finding difficulty t which one should you buy because you have a plethora of options? Then this review is definitely for you.

We have come up with ten cheap welding helmets that are best for every welding job. Either you are a professional welder or a hobbyist, you have no need to spend a huge amount of money when you can get similar features in a low price welding helmet.

Cheapest does not always mean cheap. All selected helmets are cheap in price but give you the experience of a high budget helmet. From the graphics to their functions, everything is up to the mark.

So whether you are working in an industry or doing a regular job in your backyard, a welding helmet is a must-have that protects not only your eyes but also your face and neck from all hazardous radiations.

So let’s dig into the detail specifications of each helmet one by one;

3M Speedglass Best Welding Helmet under 100$ ( Top Pick)

3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet 06-0300-51, with Headband And Silver Front Panel

3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet

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Are you a professional welder, but you want to buy the best budget-friendly welding helmet for your work? Then look no further. 3 M Speedglass 06-300-51 Welding Helmet is designed for professional welders and is a TOP PICK in our list.

The most amazing feature of 3M Speedglass is its independent arc sensors that are highly responsive and activates as soon as they detect the arc. And they help activate the auto dimmers.

Auto-darkening filters in 9100 welding helmets help to change from light to dark in just a few seconds once the arc light is detected.

3M Speedglass Welding Helmet comes with several lens shades. Few of which are intended for grinding, while shade 8 to 13 is meant for welding.

The viewing area is large, which gives you an exceptional view of your workpiece. Furthermore, there are two plates on the sides that protect you.

3M Speedglass Welding Helmet is designed for a  wide range of welding applications. You can use it for cutting, grinding, and welding.

The headband allows you to adjust the helmet comfortably on your head. The light weight design is best for long run working and you will not feel tension around your neck area.

The front silver panel encloses the external controls for easy and fast access.

  • Broad sensitivity
  • Comfortable
  • Silver front panel
  • Good battery life
  • Auto darkening
  • Not find any


Does this fit the 9100xx screen?
yes, it can easily fit  the  9100v, 9100x, and 9100xx
Is the filter the only thing I need to have this helmet fully functional?
Yes, the filter is the only thing you need to buy separately for this helmet function fully.
Does this helmet have the flip-up face for grinding?
Unfortunately, no, this helmet is just a shell. You will need the 9100FX. It also does not have shaded side lenses that come with original Shield.

ArcOne 100F Best Cheap Welding Helmet

ArcOne 1000F-0100 Professional Grade Welding Helmet Carrera Shell with 1000F Auto-Darkening Filter, Black

ArcOne 1000F-0100 Professional Grade Welding Helmet

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Eyes are the most essential part of doing any job, and there is no excuse from taking any negligence in its protection when it comes to welding jobs. The ArcOne 1000-F-0100 helmet has made its space on our list because of its amazing safety features.

ArcOne welding helmets have an auto-darkening feature; this means that the two adjusted sensors will immediately take action whenever the arc is detected. From getting light to dark, it takes only a few seconds that assures maximum protection.

The style and features of this welding helmet are design for the professional-grade welding. The roomy interior of the helmet is designed in such a way that it reduced the production of carbon mono oxide gas, and you will not feel exhausted or face any difficulty in breathing.

The material used in this helmet and ergonomic design makes it light in weight, which enhances the comfort zone of the welder and makes him free from any kind of neck/muscle fatigue. Because of its lightweight, you can wear it for hours comfortably.

The viewing area of the helmet is 6 inches, which is pretty good, and the black color gives you a cool look like bikers. The head neck and ear will get completely covered when you wear it. What else could you need more at such an amazing price?

  • Specially designed for professional welders
  • Lightweight design, only 1.65 pounds
  • 6 inches view area
  • Roomy interior that reduces the amount of carbon mono oxide
  • Complete head, neck and ear coverage
  • Completely solar, no batteries


Where do the batteries go?
It is solar. You need to put it in sunlight before use.
Is it comfortable to wear?
Yes, it is completely comfortable to wear. The interior of the helmet minimizes the amount of gas produced and allows comfortable respiration.

Tanox Best Budgeted Welding Helmet

Digital Control Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-210S, Solar Shade Lens, Tig Mig MMA, Adjustable Range 4/9-13 Bonus 16

Digital Control Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-210S

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If you are looking for a helmet that not only protects your eyes but also comfortable to wear at an affordable price, then the digital control welding helmet is the best available option for you.

Powered with a solar system and two CR2 batteries, it is best for long time use and designed for professional welders to a hobbyist.

The special feature of this helmet is its variable speed. The auto-darkening feature, like all other helmets, requires only 1/25000 seconds for light to dark shift.

The cheap but rich-featured helmet has a large viewing area of 3.86″X2.4″ inches. The digital technology allows the welder a clearer view. The solar shade lenses enhance its usage,

The digital control helmet has a full shade range 3/4 – 8 / 9-13, suitable for different environments. The helmet also meets the EN379 & ANSI Z87.1 safety standards and has an optical rating of 1/1/1/2.

Moreover, it is also compatible with the magnifying lens or cheater lens.

The feature that makes it different from all other helmets is that it does not only come with a helmet but with a pair of double-layered leather gloves too. So, it protects not only your face and eyes but also your hand from all shattered chunks or particles of the workpiece.

Furthermore, it is versatile and is compatible for TIG/MAG/MIG/, arc-air gouging, plasma beam cutting, microplasma arc welding, and electrodes shielding.

The slogan “BUY WITH CONFIDENCE” represents itself when you know about the 2 years average battery life, a carrying bag, and spare lens come along with it, which is enough to assure that you are investing in the right item.

  • The wide viewing area allows a great view of the welding work.
  • Convenient to use due to its lightweight.
  • Designed to allow various welding work: it is versatile.
  • Can be used in a different working environment due to its sensitivity and shade adjustability.
  • It sits well on the head and can be easily slid up and down to fit any working position or posture
  • Different modes options including welding, cutting and grinding.
  • best budget welding helmet
  • Best for intense welding applications
  • Comes along with a pair of double-layered gloves for hands protection
  • ·       No cons found yet.


What kinds of battery cell types are used in this helmet, and how long is the battery life?
The battery cell type used in this helmet is Lithium Manganese Dioxide. And the average life of the battery is 2 years, which is pretty good. And the batteries are also easily replaceable, and the helmet is also powered with solar cells.
How quickly does it transition to dark?
The transition time from Light to Dark is 1/25000 sec.

Save Phace 3012640 Cheap Welding Helmet (Editor’s Choice)

Save Phace 3012640 F - Series Carnage Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Save Phace F

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You want to buy a helmet that is not only affordable in price but also has a design that stands you out of the crowd? Then Save Phace welding helmet is the best option for you.

The graphics of this helmet are very eye-catching, and the adjustable headbands provide the maximum comfort and adjustability to the user.

The lightweight of this helmet allows you to wear it for hours without facing any strain to your shoulder or neck area and the multiple harnesses also increase the adjustability to your head, thus enhance the comfort zone.

The internal controls of the helmets allow you to adjust the features as per your requirement during the welding process.

To safe your eyes from the bright arc, the auto-darkening filters require only a few seconds to transmit from light to dark. Furthermore, the adjustment to 180 AMP enhances the clear vision.

As far as the viewing area is concerned, it is 23 squares inches, which is considered to be the world’s second-largest viewing area in welding helmets.

Made from high impact nylon, this helmet gives you a peace of mind as it is also heat-resistance.

The headbands of Save Phace helmet are easily replaceable and sweat proof. So, you do not have to worry about working in a hot environment for hours. The sweat headbands absorb the moistures and let you work throughout without any inconvenience.

The Save Phace Welding Helmet is powered by two lithium batteries that supply power to the auto dimmers. This beast comes up with 9 adjustable halo shades and with level 10 ADF fixed shades. It rests at level 3 in the light state.

And the very last feature of this lightest beast is its two lithium batteries that supply power and it meets all the ANSI, CE, AUS/NZ and CSA safety standards. Moreover, it comes with a 2 year warranty by the manufactures.

  • Large viewing area of 23 square inches
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Sweatproof headbands for more cooling experience
  • Meets all international safety standards
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Pop-out design
  • No solar cells


Is the item durable?
Yes, it is durable and very easy to use.
What are the dimensions of this item?
The dimensions of this item are 10 x 9 x 12 inches and it is one of the world lightest weight helmets.

Antra Affordable Welding Helmet

Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Huge Viewing Size 3.86X3.5

Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Huge Viewing Size

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 Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Huge Viewing Size 3.86X3.5″ Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 Great for TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma, Grinding, Solar-Lithium Dual Power, 6+1 Extra lens covers/ Antra Affordable welding helmet:

Antra 860-0000 affordable welding helmet is light in weight like other Antra’s family but the feature that makes it stand out of the other is its double-layered LCD shutter. The compatible welding helmet is best for TIG MIG/MAG, grinding etc.

As far as its design and features are concerned, there is no doubt that why Antra AH7 is standing out of the others.

Comes up with a wide range of shades, this helmet comes up with 5 to 9 and 9-13 variable shades that vary according to the intensity of light.

The auto-darkening functions take only a few seconds to shift from light to dark, ensures maximum eye protection.

The 3.86X3.50″ (13.5 SQI) inches large viewing area is enough for comfortable and clear vision so that the welder can strike on the right spot on the workpiece and can have better control over the welding process.

To make the performance up to the mark, 4 sensors work immediately when they detect the arc.

There is also a sensitivity controller, a hard hat adapter, exterior lens covers, and a magnifying lens etc.

Antra welding helmet is also best for plasma cutting, abrasive wheel cutting, and heavy industrial welding work. The permanent 13 shades with passive filters assure maximum protection to UV and IR and other harmful radiations.

The lightweight design gives maximum comfort to the neck and shoulders. The full-coverage design enhances the safety of the face and neck from hazardous radiations and in any of any electric incidents.

  • Passive filters with permanent 13 shades.
  • Double layered automatic LCD shutter.
  • Full face, and neck coverage.
  • Prevents all harmful radiations
  • provide unobstructed views of what you are working on
  • arc sensors provide fast switching time.
  • Comes with an interference suspension technology.
  • Best for multi-purpose welding variations.
  • No cons found yet


Is the helmet/headband comfortable? Does it stay snug on your head?
Yes, it is very comfortable to wear and does stay a hug on your head.
Does it come with extra lenses like in the picture?
It comes with a stack of spare clear cover lenses. So, while working, if the lenses get cloudy or blurred, you can replace it and continue your work.

TANOX Welding Helmet under 70

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206U(USA POWER): Shade Lens, Tig Mig MMA, Adjustable Range 4/9-13, Grinding 0000, Plus 16 Inch Kevlar Fire Retardant Welding Gloves

Tanox Auto Darkening

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Tanox Welding Helmet ADF-206U offers a bunch of exclusive features at a low price. Due to its performance and super attractive design, it has become of the most leading brands available in the market right now.

The super versatile in nature, this helmet is suitable for every type of welding job.

Four arc sensors, super long battery life, auto-darkening feature and solar cells are the main features of this excellent quality welding helmet.

Apart from sensitivity and delay setting, the transition shift from dark to light is 0.1-1 seconds like all other helmets in our list. The ADF self-check and 0000 plus grinding function makes the job easy and best for all kind of welding process.

Furthermore, TANOX helmet is powered with solar cells and lithium battery which is easily replaceable and has a lifespan of 2 years.

Moreover, this helmet has a rating of 1/1/1/2 optical class and 3.86″ x 1.73″ wide viewing area. Apart from its US patriotic design, it is best for professional or a DIY Welding, Arc, Tig, Mig, MMA, or plasma projects.

The TANOX AUTO DARKENING welding helmet comes up with a pair of 16 inch KEVLAR WELDING GLOVES. The welder not only gets face and neck protection from IR & UV radiation but also get fire retardant gloves to protect his hands from burning.

  • ADF self-check, low amperage TIG of over 5 amps
  • UV and IR Protection
  • 1/25000 transition time
  • Equipped with solar cells
  • 4 arc detectors
  • Best for any kind of welding job
  • The battery replacement process is quite tricky.


Are cheater lenses compatible with this helmet?
Yes, the standard cheater lens is completely compatible with this helmet.
Is it only come up with a helmet?
No, it not only comes up with helmet but also with a pair of gloves for complete hand protection.

Lincoln Electric K4134-1 100$ Helmet

Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Grind Mode

Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Lone Star Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Grind Mode

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Lincon is a lightweight helmet that has rustic lone star look that is enough to pop out of the crowd. Electric K4134 helmet is comfortable to wear and suitable for every kind of possible welding tasks and yet budget-friendly.

If you are looking for a helmet that has unique graphics and a heavy dusty shell, then Lincoln K4134 is the perfect choice for you.

The Solar strip adjusted in this helmet assures that you do not get out of the battery when you are working for hours on the workpiece. It renews charge from the weld rays emitting during the process.

Unlike all other helmets, it has only two sensors that are responsible for the running of the auto-darkening function.

Operated on solar power, the adjustable ratchet head Band to custom fit your head, and Oversize absorbent sweatband improves the comfort for the welder. Because it is powered with a solar system, there is no need to purchase traditional lithium batteries.

  • Comfortable headgear
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Eye-catching design
  • Equipped with solar power and easily replaceable batteries
  • Thermoplastic material is lightweight
  • Easy to switch from grinding to welding mode
  • Variable shade knob offers ease of changing the shade
  • Small viewing area
  • Standard lens
  • Gental graphics design that tends to peel


Does it have a grinder mode?
Yes, it has grind mode, and it is very easy to operate.
How big is the lens, and does it considered a Viking series helmet?
LCD VIEWING AREA of this product is 3.82 x 1.73 inches, and unfortunately, it is not a Viking helmet.

Antra AH6-660-6320 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH6-660-6320 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Large Viewing 3.86X2.50

Antra AH6-660-6320 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Antra helmet, despite its low price, provides a bunch of welding options. The helmet also comes with four arc sensor that detects the arc within seconds and protects the welder from any kind of harm.

The notable feature apart from its sleek, stylish design is its comfortable grip. It protects not only the head of the user but also the neck, focusing on the maximum protection of the welder.

The other feature of Antra helmet is its large viewing area of 3.86X2.50″ that allows the maximum view of the workpiece.

The weight of this helmet is 1 pound, which is light and feels comfortable on the head, so you will not feel any burden on your neck muscles.

The auto-darkening feature, like all other helmets, is just a few seconds for quick transition from dark to light.  Another feature of this helmet is the 6 exterior and one interior lens and it also has  13 variable shades.

ADF is fully automated, which means that you have no need to flip the helmet up and down when working. Apart from this, the suppression technology reduces the false light triggering.

The adjustable lens shade varies between range 9 to 13 for welding applications and the lens protects your eyes against harmful UR and IR radiations in case of any electric failure.

  • Versatile welding applications
  • Interference suppression technology used
  • Four arc sensors
  • Fixed shade
  • Grinding mode
  • Lacks a warranty


Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, batteries are easily replaceable.
Is it suitable for plasma cutting as well?
Yes, it not only suitable for plasma cutting but also handle multiple processes of abrasive wheel cutting,  DC/AC TIG, MIG, MAG, grinding, Stick welding, etc.

Miller Cheapest Welding Helmet

Welding Helmet, Shade 3 and 8-12, Black

Welding Helmet Shade 3 abd 8

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Miller electric welding helmet, like all other helmets, is equipped with the auto-darkening feature. Safety is the main concern when you are welding. Safety headgear protects the face and neck from all radiation-emitting while working. It also protects from UV and infrared rays through variable shades.

The adjustable shades increase the optical clarity and enhance the protection of your eyes. The large viewing area of 5-1/5 sq. Inches gives a clear vision and emits heat during welding.

To make the view ever more clearer, the helmet is equipped with a large magnifying lens.

As far as the weight of the helmet is concerned, it is slightly heavier as compared to other helmets of miller generation. But still, it provides great support to the neck and head.

The fast switching time of 1/10,000 seconds from dark to light reduces the risk of getting affected due to hazardous rays.

To use the helmet in the more professional manner, a user manual is included, which provides all the necessary instructions. All you need to do is go through them once, adjust the parts, customize a few settings and your helmet is ready for welding operations.

  • Fits great on a hard hat.
  • Has grinder/cut mode, which is great.
  • 1/10,000 seconds shifting time from dark to light and vice versa
  • Not very good clarity unless the workplace has good lighting.
  • Slightly heavier than other helmets, it weighs 2.8 pounds

Hobart 770689 Best Budget Welding Helmet

Hobart 770869 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Hobart 770869

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Hobart 770869 Welding Helmet is made of polyamide material, which is not only lightweight but also long-lasting.

Hobart 770869 helmet is light in weight and made up of polyamide material, which makes it long-lasting. This Camo model has 7.1 square inches viewing area. The widescreen improves the viewing experience and allows you to have a clear view of the work piece.

The grind mode adjusts the lens shade for more clearly visible grinding. With this mode, you can shift from welding to grinding mode quickly without any hesitation. This feature is one that worth every penny.

Three arc sensors are highly responsive and detect the arc in just a few seconds. These sensors work independently to active auto-darkening feature to change from light to dark.

The headgear provides extensive adjustable settings.  Hobart Auto-darkening welding helmet is light in weight and allows you to wear it for hours without having terrible pain in muscles.

The viewing area of the helmet is large, which allows you to have a clear view of what you are working on. What else could you demand more? Hobart 770869 is one of the best-budgeted welding helmets one can think of.

  • Lightweight
  • ADF enabled
  • Battery-powered
  • Large viewing area
  • Durable
  • Analog controls for easy adjustments
  • Auto off and on control trigger lens\
  • Has only three arc sensors instead of four but still gives a tough competition


Hobart helmet is made up of which material?
It is made up of Polyamide Nylon that makes it long-lasting.
What does grind mode do?
The grind mode basically prevents the lens from getting darken for clear vision. Plus, you can easily shift from welding to grind more for more precise work and as per requirements. In short, you can use the helmet for a variety of operations.

Final verdict

We have tried our best to come up with the most suitable helmets for every kind of welding job for your easy. All the above-mentioned welding helmets because of their amazing features and competitive price made their space in our best welding helmets under 100$.

Each helmet has it’s own bright and downside. As they have a lot of common features, but still one helmet distinguishes from others because of one key feature that pops it out.

Now, you can select your favorite one according to your requirements, no matter if you are a backyard welder or a professional. You can definitely find the one on our list that reflects your personality.

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